Custom Bullet Urn Necklace Keychain – Memorial Text Handwriting Personalized

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Signature, Text, Short Handwriting

Small size
Diameter: 0.8cm inner diameter: 0.6cm height (without buckle): 2.8cm
Depth: 1.8cm Weight: 7g

Large Size
Diameter: 1.0cm inner diameter: 0.8cm height (without buckle): 4.2cm
Depth: 2.7cm Weight: 16g

-The end part is screw open and bullet is hallow

Disclaimer : this is accessories not real bullet

Size / Color

Large/Silver, Large/Silver Brush, Large/Black, Large/Black Brush, Large/Gold, Large/Blue Small/Silver, Small/Silver Brush, Small/Black, Large/Small, Small/Blue

Comes with

Key Chain, Ball Chain


1 Sided, 2 Sided, Blank Product (No Engrave)


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02 Cabin

03 Calibri

04 Comic Sans MS

05 Courier New

06 Geneva

07 Verdana

08 Times New Roman

09 Impact

10 Helvetica

11 Montserrat

12 Lucida Console

13 Georgia

14 Pacifico

15 Berlin Sans

16 Brush Script

17 Norican Regular

18 Old English

19 Lobster

20 Edwardian Script

21 Rosewood

22 Spirax

23 Harrogate

24 Petit Formal

25 January Handwriting

26 Harrington

27 Harlow Solid

28 Hobo Std

29 Mistral

30 ABeeZee

31 Architects Daughter

32 Bree Serif

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