How to

To follow our tips on taking fingerprints using the ‘Pencil Technique’ you will need;

– A pencil
– Plain white paper
– Sticky tape

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  1. Check that all fingers are clean and dry

  1. Using the pencil, scribble a square patch on the white paper, going over the same patch again and again

  1. Rub the finger over the pencil mark, this will make a dark mark on the finger

  1. Stick the sticky side of the sticky tape on the fingerprint and gently pull the tape away

  1. Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper

  1. Repeat the process using a few different fingers, often a thumb will have a more detailed print, however, this really varies between people. You will be able to see the detail under the sticky tape, please check that you are happy with the prints 

  2. Take a Clear image of the image